Location: Archivio dell’Opera del Duomo, Orvieto
Sub-Location: Camerari, 1501-16
Type:Institutional account book
Transcription Author: Dugald McLellan
Published: yes
Publication Details: Published by D.E. McLellan, Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgement Fresco Cycle at Orvieto: An Interpretation of the Fears and Hopes of the Comune and People of Orvieto at a Time of Reckoning, unpublished doctoral thesis, Melbourne University, 1992, no. 403 and McLellan 2004, doc. 11, p. 277.

Antonio de Pietrasanta paid for preparatory plastering in the Magdalene Chapel of the Cappella Nova, Orvieto.

Artist(s): Luca Signorelli
Dates: 20.7.1504
Item solvisse magistro Antonio de Pietrasanta pro arricciatura cappelle sancte Marie Madalene lib 1 sol. 13